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Several times per month, we visit participating restaurants to surprise hard-working waitstaff with ENORMOUS TIPS!

Each month, we deplete the entire E.A.T. Fund by gifting it to restaurant workers. Each month it is replenished with $1 from every member's monthly subscription - making Kind Diners Society a sustainable way to surprise restaurant workers with enormous tips each and every month!

By becoming a Kind Diners Society member, you not only save 20% whenever you dine at popular participating restaurants, but you're helping grow the E.A.T. Fund so that we can help others.


Note: When we visit restaurants, money for our meals, gas, etc. comes out of our own pocket.
100% of the dollars collected for the E.A.T. Fund are distributed to restaurant workers.

Kind Diners Society Members make it possible for us to do this....

Would you like to make someone's day?
Nominate your favorite server or bartender!

(Give us their name, restaurant name and city)