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Kind Diners Society Gift Center

  • You’ll receive a Gift Voucher(s) via email which you can forward or print and hand-deliver or mail to the recipient.
    View Sample Voucher Here
  • Once they activate the Voucher, we’ll send them their very own, personalized Kind Diners Society membership card.

Give a 3, 6 or 12 month Kind Diners Society Membership and they’ll think of you whenever they dine out!

10% of your purchase will be contributed to the E.A.T. Fund

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3 Month Membership: $25
6 Month Membership: $50
12 Month Membership: $100
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This will be a one-time charge. Not a recurring subscription.

*10% discount when purchasing 10 or more memberships. Please CALL for bulk orders 561-877-1295


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This is a one-time charge. Not a recurring subscription.
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Gift Voucher(s) will be emailed to you. If you’re purchasing multiple Kind Diners Society memberships, vouchers will be sent as separate PDF files. You will be responsible for giving vouchers to the recipient(s).

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