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Get Paid to
Spread Kindness

If you understand that kindness is cool, then you probably have friends that feel the same way.

As a Kind Diners Society Ambassador Member, you'll not only save 20% at participating restaurants, but your membership can be paid for, month after month, by referring as few as 4 friends!

How it Works

Ambassador members* are assigned a personal referral code. When your friends join using your code (or link), you'll be paid - not just one time - but every month that they remain a member!


  • $2 every month, for each Classic member you refer.
  • $3 every month, for each Ambassador member you refer.

(Example: If you have 4 friends who join at the Ambassador level, that's $12, every month, which pays for your membership, month after month!)

* Ambassador Membership is $11.99 per month, month-to-month on auto-subscription. Cancel anytime. You can track your referrals in your KDS account where you’ll be paid monthly via your preferred method of electronic payment or VISA Debit or Amazon Gift Card!

Got Lots of Kind Friends?

There's no limit to the number of people you can refer! Your friends will save money, you will earn money, our restaurant partners will receive visits from more kind people and the E.A.T. Fund grows larger to spread joy to hard-working waitstaff each month!

Just remember, we're serious about the KIND thing.

“Together, we can create a MASSIVE ripple effect of kindness that will continue to spread long after we're gone.”

~Taylor Morgan,
C.E.O., Kind Diners Society