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Actually, some of our participating restaurants do accept Kind Diners Society Memberships for Take Out. At the bottom of every restaurant's featured page, you'll see a section that says "Standard Restrictions at this Restaurant".  If they accept it for Take Out, it will be listed there and highlighted in yellow.

You could email us: 

You could call us:  1-561-877-1295

Or you could write us a letter! 
Kind Diners Society
11450 SE Dixie Highway Suite 206
Hobe Sound, Florida  33455

Good question!  The 20% off is for the whole check.  Whether you dine by yourself or in a group, when you present your Kind Diners Membership Card, you'll receive 20% off your entire check.   Please keep in mind that the maximum discount on any one check is $50.

Yes!  You may use your membership card multiple times per day, at different restaurants.  There is a hold period of 7 days if you want to return to a restaurant you recently visited.

Just click on Search Restaurants in the navigation bar and you'll find a list of participating restaurants.  Click on a restaurant's name and you can view pics, menu, hours, map and more. Make sure to view the Restrictions at the bottom of the restaurant's page. Most are valid for Dine In Only.  If a restaurant accepts your KDS card for Take Out as well, that will be highlighted in the Restrictions at the bottom of each restaurant's page.  

We add new restaurants all the time, so each time you want to use your Kind Diner's Society card, check the Search Restaurants page to see what's new!  

Yep.  We feel very strongly about supporting people who work in restaurants and have made it our mission to spread kindness (and cash) to people who work "In the Biz"!  $1 from every Kind Diners Society membership, every month, is donated to the Enormous Acts of Tipping (E.A.T.) Fund which was created as a way to give back. 

Ooooo.... good point.  Yes, if you use your membership card when you close out your tab at the bar while waiting for a table, once it's scanned it marks you as having used it and you can't use it again at that particular restaurant for another 7 days. (It will come up as "Invalid" if you use it again the same night at the same restaurant)  So - we suggest either someone else in the party uses their card when closing out the bar tab - or transferring the tab to the table - but - don't forget to tip your bartender!

Simply log In to your KDS account from your phone, tap the 3 horizontal lines (Menu) and tap on My Membership Card.  You'll receive your personalized plastic card in the mail, too! 

We'd hate to see you go, but we'd never strong-arm you into staying.  If you want to cancel your Kind Diners Society membership, simply log into your account and click the cancel button.   

Your membership card will still be valid through the date of your next scheduled payment, but you will not be charged on the next billing date or thereafter.  Once your cancellation is instated, you will no longer have access to your Kind Diners mobile membership card and your plastic card will display as INVALID if scanned at a participating restaurants. (But you can hold on to it in case you want to re-join later!)

Due to the fact that you will have immediate access to your Kind Diners Society Membership card upon registering and can use you KDS benefits immediately, we do not issue refunds for any reason. To the extent permitted by applicable law, payments are non-refundable and we do not provide refunds or credits for any partial-month membership periods.


It costs nothing out of pocket to become a Kind Diners Society Restaurant Partner.  No set up fees, no monthly fees. Cancel any time.  Instead of paying us for the marketing we do, if / when a Kind Diners Society Member visits your restaurant, simply reward them with 20% off their bill. We have restrictions in place to protect our restaurant partners. We will create a beautiful page for you on our website and have you up and running within 48 hours.  Please contact Judi at for a quick demo.  

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